From Legacy to Legends

The People's accelerator

Our accelerator provides cannabis founders, both pre and post-seed, an inclusive learning environment with access to our ecosystem of collaborators, instructors, founders, and investors.

Our ethos

We built our accelerator to provide BIPOC & women-led cannabis companies access to knowledge, mentorship, impact, diversity, and most importantly, capital.

Our Legacy

We recognize and educate on our shared responsibility in sustainable, socially equitable, and inclusive business practices that directly affect and improve community environments.


Our Network

Our accelerator is for pre and post-seed stage cannabis company founders and is supported by The People Group, our equity investor circle, and our ecosystem. 


our collaborators

We have built a strong ecosystem across the supply chain, in multiple states, with people we have worked with for years to help us create the industry we want to see.  As part of the accelerator, you will have exclusive access to this ecosystem.

Join Us

To apply for the program please connect with us.